Golija, the mountain beauty, spreads from the Valley of Dezeva River at the south (the birth place of Saint Sava) to the Studenica Monastery on the north. Due to its size, it covers the areas of five municipalities: Ivanjica, Kraljevo, Raska, Novi Pazar and Sjenica. Wherever you come from, you will fall in love with the landscape. Spruce, fir and beech forests dominate the scenery cut by pastures, raspberries and potato fields.

A network of macadam and asphalt roads covers Golija and it is advisable to consult locals before you decide to go to explore it. The best way to our house is from the direction of the M-22 road and monastery Gradac. The nearest gas station is 28 km away at Baljevac village. There is primary school here at the center of the village Rudno, a grass football field, small soccer field with concrete surface, two small playgrounds for children, a well-stocked grocery and a several rural tourism households that provide food, where our guests could join meals. One kilometer away from the house, there is clean mountain river Brevina full of trout, a frequent picnic spot for visitors of Rudno, and a gathering place of mountain scouts from all over Serbia.

Get ready to explore the sky full of stars, because there is not much light in the village in the evening, so the stars are more clearly visible than in the cities. In the evening, village peace reigns. Our guests usually need time to adapt to silence and they say that it is exactly what they needed. In the morning, while drinking brewed coffee, sunrays seep through the cherry tree from the direction of the Kopaonik mountain.

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